Paying homage to the 24 ancient seasons of Japan’s rich history, Sai is presented in a variety of colours, heavily brushed to reveal a myriad of colour and texture in the wood. Sealed with Resona C naturally derived Linseed oils.

This is authentic Japanese Yakisugi, craft-milled with specific profiling. Click here to learn more.

Perfect for siding, soffits, feature walls, ceilings, or any type of interior or exterior cladding.

Pictures cannot do this product justice. Must be seen to be truly understood.

SHIKKOKU 漆黒 // Jet Black
TOUMEI 透明 // Clear
KOHAKU 漆黒 // Amber
TAISYA 代赭 // Medium Brown


It’s Luxury, Redefined.

Reese Madison & Company is a one-of-a-kind milling operation and showroom, integrating project management with warehousing and logistics to produce only the finest luxury and exotic, made-to-order solid wood finishes.