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If luxury and exotic, made-to-order fine wood finishes are our passion, then working alongside designers, architects and builders, is our focus. As an integrated project management and design studio, as well as a center of excellence with a forté in milling and manufacturing – we’re ready to get our hands dirty with you and your team – right from the get-go.

Reese Madison & Company is not just a “job shop” – our unique approach to the industry offers assurance that your project is treated exactly as such. A project. From concept to execution, including design, development, milling and manufacturing – right up to timely, safe and secure warehousing and delivery – we invite you to experience the difference that attention to detail can make.

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It’s Luxury, Redefined.

Reese Madison & Company is a one-of-a-kind milling operation and showroom, integrating project management with warehousing and logistics to produce only the finest luxury and exotic, made-to-order solid wood finishes.