Benchmark Series: Pine Decking + Cladding

Benchmark By Thermory

Pine Decking + Cladding

For sophisticated real wood products that set the bar for longevity and rot resistance, the Thermory Benchmark Series is the clear, unequalled choice. Refined, reliable, proven and trusted, the natural result of our expert modification process is the highly functional, beautifully simple Benchmark Series.

Colour Evolution

Our modification process leaves each board a rich, beautiful color (varies from species to species). Customers have the choice to oil the boards yearly to maintain this color, or leave them unoiled to allow the wood to naturally undergo a truly unique, beautiful color evolution. Over time, the wood will transform to a stunning platinum grey, offering a new take on the same elegant aesthetic.​

Proven Over 20 Years

We’ve been refining our standard Benchmark Series for over two decades. The results are in: Thermory’s Benchmark Series products stand the test of time, with timeless elegance and classic sophistication.

Benchmark Pine Decking

Benchmark Pine Decking comes with a 20+ year rot resistance rating, unequalled in the softwood market.

Available with and without groove, and end-matched in:

1″ x 6″

5/4 x 5″ | 5/4 x 6″

2″ x” 4″ | 2″ x 6″

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Benchmark Pine Cladding

Benchmark Pine Cladding comes with a 20+ year rot resistance rating, the highest you’ll find in the softwood market.

Available with C19 reveal, end-matched specifications in:

1″ x 6″

– – – – – – – – – – –

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JEM Joints – Goodbye, Joist Requirements

JEM (Joint End Matched) Joints don’t have to rest on joists, which reduces waste, labor costs and installation time. Stop throwing away piles of product scrapped during installation – JEM Joints make laying your deck (or porch) a breeze.

PaCS – Just Press and Click!

Press and Click Strips (PaCS) may be the easiest, fastest installation system in the world. And we don’t say that lightly. Pre-grooved boards and our clip systems offer automatic alignment and no visible screws – just a flawless, durable result in minutes. That’s right, minutes.



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