Premium Subtrates

Premium Wood Siding, Starts With Only Premium Substrates.

The right siding can dramatically enhance your exterior’s appearance. Whether you’re renovating or building new, you’ll want to choose the siding substrate that best suits your aesthetic while meeting your needs for maintenance and durability.


The definitive choice for premium projects that demand premium materials.

Extremely resistant to rot, bugs, decay and moisture.

Long-lasting with excellent dimensional stability.

Although not completely free of knots, this STK (select-tight-knot) Cedar takes paints and stains beautifully.

Western Red
(VG + Mixed)

Clear cedar siding is mostly free of knots.

The lack of knots presents itself with a less rustic appearance. This clear grade is often a preferred choice for more modern applications and lends itself to use on a larger scale.

One to the most durable woods, Cedar offers has twice the stability of most commonly available softwoods due to its low density and shrinkage factors.

Thermally Modified

There are many types of modified woods – the most common being modified by heat.

Thermory modified wood is offered in Pine, Ash and Spruce in a number of profiles, and can be custom milled to virtually any specificaiton.

 Planks are rot resistant and longer lasting and often presents itself with exotic textures and vivid colouring.

Thermally modified wood is an environmentally friendly high-performance option to consider for siding. 


Accoya® modified wood has become the timber industry benchmark for performance and sustainability, offering a combination of stability, durability and versatility while requiring minimal amounts of maintenance.

Accoya® long life wood has a 50 year warranty for above ground applications. This incredibly durable building material will last for decades making it a smart investment.



It’s Luxury, Redefined.

Reese Madison & Company is a one-of-a-kind milling operation and showroom, integrating project management with warehousing and logistics to produce only the finest luxury and exotic, made-to-order solid wood finishes.