Authentic Reclaimed Pine + Hemlock Greyboard

Authentic Reclaimed Pine + Hemlock Greyboard

Exclusive to Reese Madison & Co., our Essentials Rustic Series Pine and Hemlock products are sourced from mills in select Ontario regions for both colour and stability.

Once re-sawn to thickness, we hand-nail the boards (100,000+ board feet at a time) to custom-made “fences” placed in farm fields where it is left to weather and age naturally for two years, developing a gorgeous silver colour. We then “reclaim” the wood and send it to the kilns to be dried, ultimately being brushed and milled on our equipment – transforming it into ultra-premium tongue and groove cladding.

New For 2021 – We are pleased to present Greyboard “Thins” – milled to between 1/4″ and 3/8″ thickness, perfect for easy application over drywall!

Authentic Reclaimed Pine Greyboard
Authentic Reclaimed Hemlock Greyboard (Double Brushed Finish)
Authentic Reclaimed Hemlock Greyboard
New For 2021 – Greyboard “Thins”


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