Essentials: Rustic Series

Exclusive to Reese Madison & Co., our Essentials Rustic Series Pine and Hemlock products are sourced from mills in select Ontario regions for both colour and stability.

We’re pleased to introduce our Essentials line of hand-selected, exclusive and bespoke solid wood finishes - consisting of two unique products in the Essentials “Rustic Series” – Authentic Reclaimed Grey Board in both Pine and Hemlock, as well as our Double-Brushed Painted Pine.

These products are exclusive to RM&Co., are completely made-from-scratch through our proprietary processes. Material is available up to 12” wide and can be used in a variety of applications including wall and ceiling cladding, exterior siding, soffits and features.



It’s Luxury, Redefined.

Reese Madison & Company is a one-of-a-kind milling operation and showroom, integrating project management with warehousing and logistics to produce only the finest luxury and exotic, made-to-order solid wood finishes.